About Darlene

My daughter started first grade in the DDSB 8 years ago and faced challenges early on. As many parents have, I struggled to navigate outside agencies and the complexities of the DDSB when advocating for her. Eventually drawing upon the assistance of the Ontario Ombudsman and the Ontario Child and Youth Advocate, we successfully found her the right placement and supports.

Over her career as a student I have lobbied the DDSB Board of Trustees, the Superintendent of Special Education and the DDSB Budget Committee around class closures, and learned much about how students with different learning needs are supported in the board. Through this advocacy work, I decided to join the DDSB’s Special Education Advisory Committee in April 2016, where I have served as chair since December of that year. I advocate on behalf of students with Special Education needs and their families, and through this work have come to see that my family’s struggle was not unique.

It is for this reason that I’m putting my name forward to represent the people of Oshawa as a Durham District School Board trustee. We need trustees who understand the education system, are responsive to parents, and are principled in their advocacy for student well-being and success. I will be a strong voice for Oshawa students and their families. I am committed to having open dialogue with parents and other stakeholders in our public education system so that we can create safe and effective learning environments across our city.

I thank you for your consideration, and hope that we can work together to build an education system where all students can succeed.

Your partner in education,